Thoughts Past Pondered

by Tristan Zaba



This album is meant to contribute to the revival of progressive rock, drawing influence from such greats as Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.

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released 24 November 2012
Tristan Zaba - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Tim Jeffery - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Sandvoss - Violin



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Tristan Zaba Bragg Creek, Alberta

Tristan Zaba is a Canadian progressive rock musician. His debut album, Thoughts Past Pondered, has been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.

You can purchase the album on iTunes and CDBaby.

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Track Name: One Dependent
We all go mad, but in what way?
In which place and on what day?
To what degree to people see
The reddened light of pay?

If t'were done, t'were best done quickly.
If I be sick I'd best act sickly.
How to cope if failure comes.
How to follow what Cawdor's done.

To kill one dependent on my land.
To kill one love who holds my hand.

We all go mad in reasonable ways.
We'll make our place in every day.
To the highest degree do people see
The golden light of day.

To pay for the things you did not buy.
To pay for the ways you did not die.
To die, to sleep, perchance to dream.
Nothing can be what it seems.
To think through the pricking of your thumbs,
All things wicked from all ways come.

To kill one dependent on my land.
To kill one love who holds my hand.

The daggers in my hands are stained with the blood of a beloved man.
It's fine because your hands they can be cleaned with a drink of man.
Please see, you're fine, I've died, don't pine, It's fine, his kind can't shine.
The sign.